Made in ITALY with PASSION


There is no such thing as the perfect boat, but there is an ideal boat for every single individual who wants to own one.
Those who love the sea establish a unique relationship with it, and so, the vessel they use to ply the waves should also be unique, We believe in customizing each and every boat we make.
Scanner customers constitute the company's assets. They are the ones with the dreams that Scanner has helped to make come true with concrete designs that interpret their love of the sea and seafaring.


Added value, from people. A company that is able to accept the challenges of innovation are able to look well ahead. The internal and external workers grow with us and our customers, in the quest for increasingly better relations and quality, investing in time and believing in long-term relations.
We produce highest quality boats d and the real protagonists of every result, every success achieved, are the people who, day after day, they build more and better boats.

Quality & Passion

High quality , craftsmanship, innovation, careful selection of the best raw materials, respect and consideration of the customer: here is the "keywords" and the Scanner values.
Imbarcazioni frutto d’;idea innovative, so often inimitable, become part of the history of the marine market where they are considered authentic constructive design and quality icons. .

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